Bother Said Pooh, and deleted C:\WINDOWS

question It’s been one of those weeks already, the type of week that makes me question my…well everything. I am used to forgetting. I am just a forgetful person but when certain things are forgotten it’s difficult not to worry as to whether I am the 1 of my mothers 4 children who are predicted by her neurologist to have MS. I keep that fear hush hush mostly for worry that I will be seen as a hypochondriac or even as wishing for the disease but somethings are harder to explain away as forgetfulness than others. Like the day that I forgot how to work windshield wipers. I kid you not, the whole way to the gym I repeatedly pulled the lever to do the single swipe and clean the windshield – I even stopped at the gas station and replaced the wiper fuse which obviously wasn’t burnt out. Then there was the incident the day before yesterday. I showered, did my normal routine, put products in my hair, dried and straightened it and it was not until yesterday that I realized that I had not actually washed my hair. Things like this cause me concern particularly when combined with my clumsiness which deems me to be a carbon copy of my mother. There is no use worrying over it; however, because until I have health insurance there isn’t a darn thing that can be done anyway. Besides, it could just be forgetting…right? I mean we’ve all put the remote control in the freezer once in a while haven’t we? How is that so different from forgetting how windshield wipers work?

Anyhow, today is going to be a very posty sort of day – the phrase which led me to think of the Pooh quote above (there is a whole slew of these sort of ‘Bother’ quotes online if you search but some are not so family friendly). I have a lot to share and a few additions I will be making to my blog including some of my favorite grad girl products including awesome clothing options for the modest woman who still wants to be deemed trendy by her younger student peers and some great accessories so stay tuned!

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3 Responses to “Bother Said Pooh, and deleted C:\WINDOWS”

  1. 1
    Ms. Modern says:

    I took a shower with my bra on one morning and there’s no MS in my family – if that makes you feel any better.

    Read your “About” section & could actually use someone with your future degree in my life right now. Go for it!! You are needed in the world of forensics.
    .-= Ms. Modern´s last blog ..Something We Can All Identify With =-.

    • Amy says:

      Thank you 🙂 It does help to hear things like that, besides making me giggle it helps to put my mind at ease – you know how sometimes all you need to hear is something silly from someone else to make you realize that you are probably worrying for nothing?

      Thank you for your encouragement too! I’ll look you up once I’m doctored up although hopefully by then your worries will have passed.

  2. 2
    Queen Bee says:

    Ms. Modern, thank you for making MY morning better!!! haha

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