Brother B Has Landed!

catsAt 6 am this morning our home sounded like the Hound of the Baskervilles was on the loose. My little brother B and his girlfriend hadn’t ended up leaving Missouri until 11am and consequently they did  not arrive until 6am this morning. As I lay in bed listening to them moving things in (after only four hours of sleep I was useless as far as even rolling out of bed to say hello) the thought crossed my mind that what if it weren’t brother B moving in for the duration of the holidays and it were instead someone wiping out the entire contents of our home. As it happens it wasn’t and I truly believe that were it something malicious that all three of the dogs would have done more than their hound of the Baskervilles impression and at least one of them would have done a Cujo.

I worried for a few days before brother B’s arrival that the dynamics between the family would change and while they have certainly changed I have to say that I am glad to have my brother here. I would love to have both brother B and brother J here but brother J had to work and unfortunately could not be here with us. B’s girlfriend is also here and as usual she and I spent an hour or so this morning chatting while everyone else was still sleeping. It’s pleasant to chat with her because she isn’t outspoken and is considerate of our family dynamics. After everyone else was up brother B and I went to my room to wrap some Christmas gifts together and chat. It was nice to chat with him, while we may not always agree (for the most part because we are extremely similar), he is kind hearted and we get along well together.

Christmas time is feeling a little more like Christmas time finally, being together as a family is certainly what makes the season for me. Now we’re just waiting on Buzz to drive down later this week and wishing that brother J would be able to fly out and see us too.

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2 Responses to “Brother B Has Landed!”

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    karie says:

    So wonderful to have family together….I understand the dynamics so much. I know I am excited to see my brother this holiday as well, he is just as eager and excited…which never happens for him and makes the holiday all the more happy and merrier! Enjoy my friend I wish you and your family all the best!!
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