Buzz, the chocolate croissant and the birthday cake

Chocolate croissantI will preface today’s blog by excusing myself completely from my actions…you see Aunt Flo, the evil woman that she is made me do it all, although you are quite free to laugh until you cry since this post is only a few posts following my “I used to be a fat girl” post.

Lunchtime today I know I should reheat leftovers from last nights chicken korma for dinner…but I REEEEALLLLY don’t want to. I hate leftovers like you wouldn’t believe but being thrifty I resign myself to eating them when Buzz doesn’t have the stomach capacity to be my garbage disposal. Come lunchtime Buzz runs out to do a few errands and I open the fridge with every intention of reheating those dry chickeny leftovers when I see it…a BIG plate of birthday cake. I know I shouldn’t do it but as though AF literally reached out and grabbed it for me the next thing I know I’m cutting myself a birthday cake lunch. In my defense it was about 1/3 the size of a regular piece of cake. Downing my icing mounded piece of vanilla cake with delicious chocolate cream filling I wash off my hands and get back to my desk before Buzz gets home…how mortifying for anyone to find out that I had birthday cake for lunch right? (okay so obviously now you guys know but you know what I mean.)

Buzz comes in carrying a bag, at the time I’m taking a GRE practice test (480 quantitative and 500 verbal – oh dear) but when the test is over I check out what he brought home. Fruit, thinking maybe in some twisted cosmic universe the fruit would cancel out the cake I finish it off (no worries Buzz doesn’t eat berries) and as I go to throw away the container I see IT – sitting on the kitchen counter mocking me…a big fat chocolatey croissant and I hear AF screaming EAT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT FOR GODS SAKE, EAT IT NOW like a demented old lady in leathers with a motorcycle between her legs and a gun in her hand.

For lunch today I had a small piece of birthday cake, 3/4lb of berries, half a chocolate croissant and a stomach ache. I guess it’s chicken korma for dinner.

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One Response to “Buzz, the chocolate croissant and the birthday cake”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Oh a chocolate croissant? I’ve never had one but that sounds yummy!! I don’t believe we can fight “Aunt Flo” either. Gotta give in to her, that meanie!

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