Camping in the Bedroom?

Jet's crateJet has officially taken to camping. Okay not so much but his new soft crate arrived today and we got it set up in no time…seriously it was so easy it just popped up and snapped together! My only concern with it is that it’s slightly too big which may be counterproductive in giving him a smaller safe place to call his own. That said we have decided to keep this size since the 36″ versus this 42″ would most likely be too small.

I really like the little ‘extras’ on this soft crate, well actually just the fact that it has a sunroof, windows on all sides, a door on the front and one side and velcro to strap up the two doors so he can simply have a bed rather than a crate should we choose.

When we removed his old bed (a crib mattress with sheets) he was a little concerned and when he realized that we wanted him to actually get inside the “new thing” he was even more concerned but I let him investigate. I put his toys inside and he sniffed and walked away. I called him back “baba go see!” and he snuck in and decided he would sleep hanging half way out of the side door, just in case we should decide to shut him in. He is now getting more accustomed to the bed and I have shut the side door so it resembles more of a cave. He is still getting used to it but there is no fear which is a huge thing for us.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE this crate. As for those of you asking why we went with a soft crate? Well Jet’s anxiety causes him to try and burrow out of our kennel when we drop him off for overnight stays. The metal bars end up leaving puss filled (I almost put a Y on the end of puss then before realizing it didn’t quite say what I meant it to! Oops!) sores on his mouth. The soft crate allows us to confine without the potential of him cutting his face.

Lastly we got our blood panel back for the little furry monster. Blood work came back fine but for the second year in a row we are redoing a urinalysis. Jet is my resident camel, he will drink until the bowl is dry. We have tested for everything we can think of and come to the conclusion that he simply likes water…he is a Lab after all! The vet seems to think we should redo the urinalysis anyway so we are doing a urine sample in the morning bright and early (there goes my lie in!) and dropping that off to get it retested so fingers crossed!

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