Catching Up On Past Events

A lot has been going on since I posted last, namely a house fire on July 21st, 2011 that has left our home gutted. COMPLETELY gutted. While we all got out safely most of our belongings suffered from smoke damage and most of our furniture was destroyed from heat or smoke damage as well. But like I said, we are all safe. Our rental home will take months to reconstruct and no, we did not have renters insurance – yes, I  know how stupid that was…but it’s a little late for that now. With that said, as I stay with my parents while Buzz works to put our lives back together in North Carolina, I have begun entering contests right and left in an attempt to restore some of what we lost in the fire so that when our house has been reconstructed we actually have something to put in it. Yesterday I came across a contest by Glidden Paints offering up a $250 Walmart gift card and I thought, hell what do I have to lose? I mean if anyone deserves a little money for a home makeover it’s me…right? Perhaps you’d like to see for yourself?

Before the fire department arrived

The fire department arrived and took it in their hands

The restoration company comes in and all smoke / heat damaged furniture and belongings have to go

The downstairs of my home after the gutting

The master bedroom with some charred cinder blocks – this is where I was sitting when I noticed the smoke

There’s something surreal about seeing the remains of a collage I made Buzz for valentines day still half intact

Back down to the kitchen

More items for the trash pile

What used to hang on our kitchen wall now trampled on the back deck

So I’d say that the reason that I would like to win this Glidden paint giveaway is somewhat obvious. I would like to have a nice home again, a home with some furniture and maybe even some pots and pans.

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