Christmas Memories

The twinsUpon reading a prompt from Go Graham Go and Jolly Mom (you better believe I’m entering their awesome Christmas contest!) about your favorite Christmas memory I went digging through pictures. The picture to the left is not actually a Christmas photo but it’s the only one I have of the twins when they were smaller and not at each other’s throats constantly. My happy Christmas memories always involve my siblings, most often than not at a time when the twins were small and still had that magic Christmas spirit. There is something truly amazing about the belief of a child on Christmas.

One Christmas after moving to our own house in the States (I’d say it was two years after we had arrived here?) distinctly stands out to me. I no longer had that childish wonder that is the belief in Santa but the boys being only about four or five at the time did. I remember the early hours of the morning as they tumbled down the stairs, shouting in their tiny English accents (which have long since gone) “LOOK MUMMY SANTA’S BEEN!”. Conveniently Santa had left their presents in different rooms because they had the awful habit of watching what each other got because they knew they had it somewhere in their pile of gifts too. Each boy ran to his own pile and randomly faces would pop out in to the kitchen beaming with delight and shrieking “LOOK I GOT IT! HOW DID SANTA KNOW I WANTED IT?”. I, myself, was headed headlong in to puberty at the time and as we all know the world just sucks as a teenager but for a moment, a single moment I forgot how much I hated the world and watched with a slight twinge of jealousy as they delighted in the glory of Christmas morning.

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    Felicia says:

    That is such a beautiful story! It is true how soon we forget that magical feeling! I love watching young kids at Christmas for that very reason.

    Thanks for joining in!
    .-= Felicia´s last blog ..Holiday Memories and Extra Entries to Start the Party! =-.

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