Christmas Tradition Stories

christmasYep, I said it – Christmas. I don’t know at what point I got sucked in to saying ‘holidays’ because quite honestly I don’t see how that is offensive. If you are Jewish I expect you to say Hanukkah. If you are Christian I expect that you will say Christmas…but why would you change the word you use to refer to YOUR holiday because someone else might not celebrate it? We all realize that there are other holidays out there but is it really offensive if I refer to my holiday and you refer to yours?

Anyway, I have been enjoying reading through all the holiday tradition stories on my $25 Amazon gift card contest and as I was reading I realized that I didn’t share my family’s holiday traditions so today I will.

When I was younger we lived in a very small village in England. My school consisted of sixty children spread out through about six classrooms and so we were close both as a classroom and as a village. It was the type of town where everyone knew everyone. Growing up we didn’t have the whiners that we have these days, people didn’t care if you prayed at school, if they didn’t want to they simply didn’t and every year around Christmas we, as a school would go to a Christingle service at our village church.


Christingle services were adopted by the Anglican church in the late 1960’s. Without getting too religious on you the service consists of children holding oranges which represent the world, tied with a red ribbon which represents the blood of Jesus, small candies stuck in to the fruit representing the fruits of the Earth and a lit candle inside the orange to represent Jesus as the “light of the Earth”.

churchMy childhood church

As a child I loved Christingle services, not so much for the religious theme because in all honestly I was too young to recognize the meaning of it but I loved the celebration. As our entire village would gather together in the the cold stone church with wood worm eaten pews the winter wind would whip at our bare legs and we would stand giggling besides each other stealing sweeties off each others oranges. The services always seemed to last a lifetime as our little legs started to shake and our candles melted over the plump oranges in our hands.

I remember many more Christmas traditions from my childhood as well as ones we hold currently but for me the warmest of memories is standing in that stone walled church with my school friends listening to our vicar and giggling throughout the service. Christmas for my family is about togetherness, it’s about loving one another despite differences and most of all it is about being able to smile together. Even our vicar couldn’t resist a smile or two as he watched us pilfering each others sweeties.

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2 Responses to “Christmas Tradition Stories”

  1. 1
    Ashley says:

    I’ve never heard of this, very intersting!

  2. 2
    Queen Bee says:

    Such a sweet memory. I got a little misty eyed, but then again, I am a great big softie 🙂

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