Craziness Ensues

labsIt is inevitable that when you pack 6 humans and three dogs over 70lbs in to a three bedroom townhouse that things are going to occasionally come to a head. As it happens just after a rather large thunderstorm passed through this way a few “paddies” as we call them occurred. Brother B and Brother J were watching “Flight of the Concordes”. Not a bad show but when they are singing a song about prostitution it is hardly the type of show I’d recommend playing while your nana is present. The boys insisted on finishing their episode which only had five minutes left. The paddy ensued when I insisted it be turned off after the episode finished, they wanted to watch another after being home for three hours watching the series one after the other. After a few thirteen year old boy type of comments clouded in huffs and puffs and throwing themselves around the boys slunk off to a local coffee shop to get away. They returned in time for dinner. Dinner brought a whole new paddy – alpha female of the three dogs decided that Jet was too close for comfort and made a go for his throat. She was dragged up to the bedroom to calm down and Jet was inspected for bites. She’s bitten him once before but this time he managed to get away unscathed.

It must be something in the air today but if anymore paddies ensue I will be forced to find a hideout of my own.

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