Creepy Tuesday

ScaryI am not afraid to admit that I believe in ghosts. I have also long avoided our attic for that very reason…and perhaps also because we had squirrels up there at some point. So today while I was sitting up here in my office working, Buzz comes walking up the stairs and as he gets to the top of the stairs there is a loud bang. The sort of bang that keeps going for a few minutes. We both exclaimed our “what the hell was that?” and went to check the bathrooms since that’s approximately where the sound came from. We found nothing. I suggested that maybe it was something upstairs and that Buzz should go check it out, he opened the door that leads to the attic through a closet. After seeing all the stuff we’d thrown in there for storage he decided to leave it…for all of five minutes before he decided he just couldn’t go without knowing what had made the noise. So he finally goes up to the attic and finds a huge stone bowl sitting in the center of the floor. It had fallen from somewhere…or been moved. There’s either a really big squirrel up there or a particularly pissed off ghost…either way, I’ll be damned if I’m going up there to check it out!

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