Desperately Seeking Jewelry

necklaceYes, it’s 2:07am and I am not yet sleeping. Lately my schedule has become a little hectic and instead of sleeping I find myself laying up here in bed with the furkid beside me and the laptop on my lap, listening to the tapping of Buzz’s fingers on his keyboard while he works next door in his office. I figured since I wasn’t sleeping that I’d work on my Twitter account a little, make some new friends and hopefully find some great blogs in the process and boy did I! The only problem is that I stumbled in to Etsy’s followers and found some amazing jewelry stores!

When I was preparing to go to summer school this past summer I was so nervous about my wardrobe that I dropped $200 at TJ Maxx and Ross to restock my wardrobe but I knew that no one was really considered “trendy” unless they had the costume jewelry to go with the clothes. I had never really been the girly girl until I made my decision to return to school and being that I’d never been in this territory before I had no idea where to start so I picked up some cheap costume jewelry from EBay. The stuff I got wasn’t bad and averaged a couple of dollars a piece but it also barely made it through two weeks of classes before falling apart in my hands (thankfully while I was at home and not while I was in class!). My dilemma now is that I desperately want to restock my costume jewelry with better quality pieces but being thrifty and living on a soon to be grad-student’s budget I need affordable quality!

Any suggestions guys?

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3 Responses to “Desperately Seeking Jewelry”

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    michellany says:

    Hello Amy!

    My name is Michelle. I just discovered your blog on Twitter, and must say I am enjoying checking it out. (I was drawn by the name ‘mevolving’, because, as you may guess from my twitter & blog name, michellany, I have a fondness for clever, concise wordplays!) I hope you won’t consider this spam, because you *did* ask for suggestions…I make personalized jewelry (engraved sterling silver and hand-stamped fine silver) and sell it on my website, A Gracious Plenty ( I would not call it cheap, as it is neither ridiculously inexpensive nor is it made with materials/methods where it will fall apart within a few wearings. I invite you to check it out!

    I’ve started following you on Twitter, and I look forward to your tweets!

    .-= michellany┬┤s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday, 9.9.09 =-.

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    Queen Bee says:

    Hmm, might have to check out that website above myself!!

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