Dry Skin Much?

soap and glory cosmeticsAt least twice a week without fail I find myself being drilled on the benefits of various moisturizers by Buzz. As we stand in the cosmetics aisle of Target he hands me jars of thick body butters asking me what I think. I’m not sure exactly where this phantom knowledge of body lotions comes from, I can only assume it is an attribute that we are given simply by being of the female persuasion,but let me tell you – I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.

During the winter Buzz has dry skin like you would not believe. Every two weeks he goes through a tub of body butter in an attempt to rehydrate his skin. Without masses of lotions he will scratch until he bleeds and then, well, there go my Egyptian cotton sheets. This weekend as Buzz was surveying the “manly” products I went over to check out the Soap and Glory line of lotions and what not. I love their branding and I love the smell of the variety of products they offer. Wanting to try one of them but not able to justify spending $15 on one bottle of lotion when Buzz was already going to be dropping an equal amount on his body butter I gently persuaded him that maybe he should try Soap and Glory himself. He umm’d and ahh’d, obviously worried about the woman power statements across each of the bottles if not the bright pink coloring of the packaging. Finally Buzz decided that it “didn’t smell too bad” and he would “give it a try”.

We have had our tub of Body Butter for less than a week now…it is half empty. While I don’t care for butters as much as I do lotions this one isn’t half bad. It’s not greasy and doesn’t resemble Grecian 2,000 in consistency. It moisturizes well and has a pleasant smell to it. The only problem for me is that now Buzz smells slightly girly when he gets out of the shower…it moisturizes well though!

Check out Soap And Glory products at your local Target, they’re pretty awesome actually.

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2 Responses to “Dry Skin Much?”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I’m sure it is a pleasant girly smell!! 🙂 Remind him that the more water he drinks, the less dry his skin will be! (I’m sure you have said that to deaf ears a million times…)

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