Early Start

yawnUsually I make up for lost sleep on the weekends. One of the pro’s of not yet being a parent is that I still get to sleep in until I’m ready to get up but sometimes, just sometimes Jet decides that he’s going to play the part of the absent two year old. I love my Labby boy with all my heart but as he ages he becomes increasingly fearful of certain things, one of those things being the sound of the wind as it whistles through cracks in the windows and doors of this creaky old house.

It makes me laugh that my 80lb dog will run headlong to the front door ‘greeting’ everyone with a bark deep enough to cause very unfortunate accidents, and yet the sound of the wind as it courses under the doors and through the windows shoots terror through his entire being. This morning was windy and so instead of sleeping until my usual 10:30 my furry kid paced and panted and eyed me from across the room until I gave in and finally got up with him at 8:30. I am NOT a morning person but I force myself to be one in order to get things done but I do begrudge anyone who so much as threatens to steal a few minutes from my Saturday morning lie in.

I trundled down the stairs sleepy eyed and still in my pajamas to let him out, thinking that perhaps he just had to go. After the morning constitutional I started back up the stairs only to see Jet standing by his bowl. Foolishly thinking that I could snag a few more minutes sunken in to my 1,000 count cotton sheets (would you believe they were on clearance for $60 for the set at Target a few years ago?) I put his food out and ran back up. No sooner had I laid down and Buzz asked what was going on, than I heard the familiar patter of feet on the stairs and saw that little black face peeking in at me as if to ask “Mom? Why won’t you eat with me?”. I wait a few minutes and as I do I hear the open window in Buzz’s office that he had left overnight as the wind whips in and sucks at the door causing it to rattle. If you could ever describe a dog as having a Scooby Doo moment then this was it. Jet’s face quite literally had an “Oh shit” look and I anticipated him launching himself on to the bed between us. Instead, Jet paced some more and by this time my heart was breaking for him.

It is easy to become frustrated at our animals because they don’t always follow our routines but sometimes if you really stop and think you will realize that regardless of what species your ‘kid’ is they turn to you for help. My boy was terrified and no matter how irritated I was that he has disrupted my schedule he was most certainly ten times more afraid of that wind and so I gave in. We’re sitting now with the TV on, he has his “calming collar” on and it has at least taken the edge off for now but I most definitely predict nap time later on after running out for cake ingredients and listing more EBay auctions in an attempt to rid ourselves of some clutter before we move!

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2 Responses to “Early Start”

  1. 1
    DG says:

    I don’t have a pet but your dog sounds really cute. I would burst into tears though if I lost any more sleep from the few hours I do get

  2. 2
    yefi says:

    my dog wakes me up all the time. i grumble but he’s cute and i appreciate the exercise

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