Fall Cleaning Day 2

tiredDay 2 of cleaning is complete and for the most part the house is now spotless. I say for the most part because although I took Buzz up on his offer to help and assigned him the downstairs bathroom I am afraid he cleaned it the man way which definitely warrants another sweep with bleach and the vacuum…or I could lock the door and shut it so the room is never heard from again. This seems like a better option right now since that is the bathroom without flooring as well as the fact that I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. I am so tired and achey at this point that all I can do is lay here in bed with my laptop and survey the cleanliness of the bedroom. I am also wondering why, after deep cleaning the house, do my fingernails hurt? Ladies, any answers?

My posting has been somewhat lackluster (LOVE this word and never have the chance to use it) for the past couple of days but quite honestly I didn’t have it left in me to be my usual brilliant self after tackling the house. I will be back in full force tomorrow – in fact I will be taking part in my first VLOG for Monday Mingle! After much convincing I decided that I would cave and do a video blog with my answers, I am nervous about posting it but I am doing it anyway. Growing up is all about trying new things and yes, believe it or not at 28 years old I am still growing up.

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