frazzledIt’s been a long two weeks, between everything I’ve been doing to get materials ready for grad school as well as still working as a research assistant and trying to stay on top of business (got to keep money coming in somehow) and keeping up with my gym schedule and maintaining personal finances and the worry that comes along with that…well it’s been a long few weeks. Today I was intent on sitting on the couch and having movie time with Jet, yup, I was going to have a movie morning with my Labrador retriever. It was as I sat with him watching Homeward Bound 2 (at least for 5 minutes while I ate breakfast and then he lost interest) I realized that even though today was my determined day of rest…we have no food. Having no food could consist of just running to the store to pick up something but it doesn’t, having no food when you have a very tight budget means sitting down with your coupons, checking the store circular and matching up whatever you can to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. I’m trying not to stress over it because it’s just something that needs to be done and one way or another it will get done. I suppose having it as my only thing to do today makes it not seem so overwhelming…then again I do need to re-read my new “statement of purpose” after the re-write I did yesterday. My original S.O.P was good but it didn’t jive with everything I’d been reading, it was too focused on where I’d been and where I’d come from rather than what I’d done to make me a great candidate for grad school. I’m not ready to handle the re-read quite yet though, my head is throbbing from the six hours I spent yesterday inputting data in to excel spreadsheets and food is the priority of the day.

This is only the beginning I know and I’m not complaining but you can only go go go for so long without needing a break. You have to understand that at the moment I am waking at 8am and working through until midnight or 1am every day. I take 1.5 hrs a day for the gym and showering, 30 minutes for dinner and occasionally 45 minutes for lunch. That’s 13hrs and 15 minutes a day of staring at a computer screen, over 5 hrs of “regular job” overtime a day, and I work 7 days a week. I think that grad school, while challenging, will provide me with a break from this constant bombardment of go, go, go and I honestly can’t wait for the change of pace!

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2 Responses to “Frazzled”

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    michellany says:

    Girlfriend – you need a break! How’s the weather in your neck of the woods today? If it’s as beautiful as it is here, go take Jet for a loooong walk. Not for exercise…for escape! It’ll do you both a world of good. You know, sniff some of the proverbial flowers…and take deep breaths when you do. If I lived near you, I’d come kidnap you for a few hours of michellaneous mischief…but since I’m not there, I have to count on you to do it for yourself! GO! (p.s. I posted my meme replies…so check them out – AFTER you come back!)
    .-= michellany´s last blog ..Meme: The Power of One =-.

    • Amy says:

      LOVE those meme replies! I managed to get us all out for a walk in the park today and the weather was perfect for it! Yesterday, however, I turned in to a junk food eating lump watching movies on the couch! I definitely appreciated the time off though 😀

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