Getting On To That List

antzoneOkay so technically I’ve already started my list by completing a fake 5K twice last week – by fake I mean I ran half of it with the other half being walking. I will be able to run the whole thing by the time I turn 30, that is a promise. On to another list item, start an ant farm. My ant farm (see left) will be arriving tomorrow. I don’t expect that my ants will be big and red, nor will the wear glasses and wave to me from through the magnifying glass but they will be pretty awesome.

So why an ant farm I hear you ask? After all I’m not exactly what you would call a big lover, but ants are different. Ants and bees are different, although keeping a beehive isn’t exactly practical with a move to an apartment coming up soon. So I went for the ant farm. Ants are amazing creatures. For such tiny insects they can lift 20 times their own body weight. Not only are they amazingly strong but they are also highly social animals. Did you know that an ant communicates with other ants in his colony by touching antennae?  Ants are also very clean creatures, they actually take their “trash” to a separate location of the hill, they do the same action with their dead. Ants also leave trails when they find food so that their colony can also find the same food and feed. While this may all seem very trivial and perhaps boring to some I think ants are pretty amazing creatures and so starts my journey in to creating my own ant colony. My farm arrives tomorrow (click the picture if you want to buy one for your kiddos or your desk at work), then I send off for my ants. I won’t be doing this step until we move because moving my colony would collapse tunnels and destroy my ant’s hill! So here we go, on with the list!

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