Gingerbread Men and Christmas Eve

gingerbreadToday has been a stay at home sort of day after making a run to pick up the final groceries needed to make Christmas dinner complete. The men, on the other hand, were not quite so prepared as the woman and the three of them – my dad, Buzz and brother B had to make a run out to Walmart to pick up last minute gifts. While the men were gone my mom, brother B’s girlfriend and I spent the day baking. I made my famously mutant gingerbread men and mom enlisted brother B’s girlfriend in helping to bake the apple raspberry pie for tomorrow’s Christmas dinner dessert. Overall it has been a quiet day and while I’m still not feeling as Christmassy as I have in years past I am not feeling particularly ‘bah-humbug’ish either. I am excited for tomorrow morning when my parents realize that they are loved more than they will k now because we came together to make Christmas happen when they were not able. Unfortunately two of the books I had ordered for my dad were to be delivered from England and consequently have not made it in time for Christmas but all the same he has a few good things to go on with. In short, tonight isn’t much different from any other night in our household as there are no children to carry the magic of Santa but tomorrow will be a day of food and family and that is what really makes Christmas special for us.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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