Giving Thanks

thanksToday, as I sit outside in the temperate Florida sunshine with a breeze brushing gently against my face I look back on the years of my life and realize that although this year was perhaps not the best of my twenty-eight, it was still a good one. This year my family has had it’s fair share of downs but I always remind them with most passing days (hey, we all have our down days) that things could most definitely be so much worse.

As I sit here with my feet propped on an ottoman, my dad sitting to my left, Jet sitting by the pool in the sunshine, my mom in the kitchen and Buzz cramming in a little work at the breakfast bar before the eating begins – I know that we are all truly blessed.

I am blessed because I have a family who love me. As I walked in to the house yesterday at midday after ten hours of driving down to FL I felt the joy, simple joy at my presence. There are few things that make you realize how blessed you are like the feeling of being wanted, needed and loved.

I am blessed because even though my dad lost his job in March and has yet to be offered another out of the hundreds of interviews he has done, he manages to keep hope. This Holiday season has truly brought us together as a family, a family who takes care of each other when the chips are down.

I am blessed because even though my mom has multiple sclerosis she is fortunate enough not to have the most severe form of the disease which could rob her of her ability to walk, talk and generally care for herself.

I am blessed because I have a better half who – while he may not be perfect – cares for me and my family as though they were his own. He works every hour that God sends in an attempt to provide a better life for us all as a family.

I am blessed because today we have a meal to come together over. Good food, good company, good times and most of all good humour.

Remember that today, while things may not be perfect for you or your family, that they could most certainly be worse. If you sit together today with a meal – no matter what it may be, your family, your friends or just your companion that you are blessed.

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    Queen Bee says:

    Now *that* is what Thanksgiving is all about!! 🙂

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