Go, Go, Go!

moving boxesIt’s go, go, go around here now! I don’t mind the speed of things to be honest, this year I am determined to keep up with the race and damn it I’m going to come in first.

After speaking to our current landlady we are aiming to move in June, the sooner the better for her so she has time to get the house repainted and ready for a new tenant. I am glad to have a move in time frame but this also means that the funds we want to have for moving to pay for all of our deposits, rent, movers etc needs to be put together a little quicker than we had thought. This prompts a faster working pace but the current project I’ve been working on for a week now promises to cover a nice chunk of the moving cost so the moments when I’m not blogging, reviewing chocolate, trying to get my graphic design business up, and looking for a new theme to get this one switched up, I am freelance writing for another company. I am making it work, I have to make it work because I want that new apartment more than anything right now. Buzz and I need the change of pace.

On the subject of changing pace, remember me talking about a list of things to do before I turn 30? Well running more is on it. Yesterday I ran half a 5K on the treadmill, I walked the other half but still made it in 35 minutes. I will be able to run that whole thing in a few months, maybe even a month and that’ll be one thing crossed off my list. My list will go up on my new blog design when I finally get to it so for now you’ll just have to be patient 😀

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