Happy New Years Eve

nyhatHappy new years eve – I choke those words out because I absolutely hate new years eve. It’s not that I’m a grouch but I think it is a ‘holiday’ used by people as an excuse to get stupidly drunk, act like complete idiots, do things they wouldn’t normally do and blame it on alcohol and most stupidly of all – drive home. I don’t drink by choice and it’s not that I condemn those that do but I am easily irritated by the complete loss of inhibitions and stupidity that ensues when people who insist that they know their limits, in fact, do not.

The new year this year will, however, bring a newness to my life that I haven’t experienced in a long time. This time last year I was planning my return to school, the classes I would take in the summer and what it was that I would eventually pursue and this year I am 3/4 of the way through the first step of my journey in to graduate school. This year will bring graduate school acceptance, a move to a different state and the beginning of a five year stint as a PhD student. I am excited for the change. I am thrilled to be in control of my life and ready to become the more independent me who is absolutely bursting to be free.

Along with acceptance to graduate school this year will hopefully bring financial stability and employment for my parents, a new career as an RN for my mom, further independance for my brothers and some direction for my sister. This year will hopefully also bring contentment for Buzz and a renewed sense of purpose for my best friend Queen Bee. I know that I hold high expectations but what else is the new year for?

Ahh yes, resolutions. This year I resolve to excel in graduate school, to absorb as much information as I possibly can. This year I also resolve to work on my relationship with Buzz which at times this year has seemed to have fallen by the wayside as we both pursue our independent selves. Finally I resolve to blog more, complain less and make the most of every opportunity that is offered to me throughout the coming year.

Have a happy and SAFE new year!

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    Queen Bee says:

    Happy New Years!!

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