Happy Valentines Day!

heartHappy Valentines Day! I admit that I’ve always been very conflicted about Valentines day. I am with one of those guys who forgets every holiday or special day and so Valentines day for me becomes just another day. That said last night Buzz did give me a card which was a sweet change of pace…but I’m still not sold on Valentines day on the whole. If you love someone love them year round, show them in the little things you do and don’t try to make up for it all in one day with a card. You never know how long you have left so why wait for one day a year to share how you feel? But that said, have a wonderful Valentines day and eat some chocolate for me too!

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One Response to “Happy Valentines Day!”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Love the purple heart umbrella 🙂

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