House Hunting

House HuntingIt’s a late start to the day, well for Buzz at least who is still fast asleep (he doesn’t sleep much other than on weekends), but I have managed to complete one of my longer daily tasks for work and am about to get myself gussied up to go house hunting. Okay, apartment hunting. We have picked out four or five other apartments that we want to go and visit and see if we can find somewhere that suits us. The ‘perfect’ place is still on the table tentatively depending on how rent fluctuates but to be honest I have a rather bad taste in my mouth – I mean, what if they decide to increase fees while we are living there? A $200 increase? Yeah, I can’t afford that at all. So we are looking at other options and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we find something absolutely amazing today! We should be able to make it around two different complexes but may stick to one per day for the sake of keeping information clear and organized. Wish me luck!

P.S. I am aware that I am missing out on the bloggy action of my friends this week, I am nearing the end of my ‘big project’ (which should be complete by Monday) while trying to arrange moving but I will be back in true form shortly with a new place to live and a portfolio online at Jackdaw Design!

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