I Need Your Help!

istock_000008959055xsmallOkay so looking over at the Starbucks contest which incidentally ends this Thursday I need your help. Today I implemented a plugin to keep count of comments – if you noticed before comments didn’t have a number which would make it increasingly difficult to pick winners when the time came. Everything works great with the new plugin and all comments now have numbers…except one.

A few commenters had replied to previous commenters with their entries rather than leaving an independant comment, this left two problems: 1) these comments did not get numbers when the plug in was implemented because they were seen as a part of the original comment. 2) These comments appeared out of order because they were marked as replies to other comments so if you replied to a comment made on the first day of the contest your comment would appear as being made on the first day of the contest….it sounds a lot more complicated that it is but it was in essence unintentional cheating.

Now, those comments made in reply to others that did not receive numbers – I went in and re-wrote these comments with the appropriate time stamps (you will see them appear with my picture beside them) so now they are in order and have numbers. Where I need your help is that currently there are 673 comments but only 672comments are numbered – this means that somewhere in the 673 comments ONE comment is not numbered. I have looked through a million times and just cannot find this unnumbered comment so I need an extra pair of eyes to look through and help me find it. Why should you help? Well it could be your comment that doesn’t get counted so it’s for your own benefit as well. If you find which comment it is leave me a comment here with the comment number before or after the unnumbered comment and I’ll fix it from there.

Thanks guys and GOOD LUCK!

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One Response to “I Need Your Help!”

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    DG says:

    goodness gracious that sounds like quite the conundrum! I’ll help look since there are too many comments for 1 person alone! 🙂

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