I Spoke Too Soon

jets noseRemember yesterday how I updated on my little man and how well he is doing? Well today that all went to hell. You see in this house, as in the wild, there is a dog hierarchy. Miss Millie sits atop that hierarchy and in her old age she has become a grouch to say the least. Jet and Sam sit equally below her, however, since Sammy lives with Miss Millie she has adopted him as her own. Unfortunately for Jet he is still an outsider in the pack.

This morning as Miss Millie was going about her usual business of begging for scraps Jet decided to say hello the doggy way – a nose to the bottom. At which point Miss Millie whipped around and firmly grabbed my poor little boy by the nose. She managed to sink her teeth through his nose puncturing all the way through to his nostril as well as give him a nasty nick on the chin and a second smaller puncture on the nose. As Jet yelped for help, we attempted to get Miss Millie off Jet. There is no word that captures the feeling of hearing that pain filled yelp coming from your dog as he tries to escape what is happening to him, particularly when he seemingly did nothing to instigate it.

My heart aches but as my Mum burst in to tears I moved in to mum mode myself, running for the first aid kit to pull out some gauze and sterile pads to clean up my boy and assess whether we needed stitches. The blood seems to be clotting well and he does not show signs of being in pain or distress, rather he shows signs of confusion as to what happened and fear of Miss Millie coming within two feet of him. He has no need to worry about the latter because after isolating her for a few hours she is giving everyone a wide berth. That said if she does come within biting distance of my boy you can bet that I’ll have my foot up her bottom quicker than you can say a thing.

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