I’m Having An Affair…

Not the sort of affair you’re thinking of though…I’m having an affair with DownEast Basics. You’ve heard me talking about how much I love their clothes before but as the first of the month rolled around I actually woke up early and waited for the new items to show up on their site. I know, it’s despicable. I can’t help myself though. I’m a modest woman, I don’t particularly like to walk around with “the girls” hanging out and I never used to wear skirts because skirts these days resemble nothing more than panty coverups…I mean, seriously have you seen young girls today when they bend down with those skirts on? No thank you, I’ll keep my treats to myself and the privacy of my own home thank you very much. This is why I love DownEast Basics. I love that I’m wearing skirts and dresses again because they fit nicely, they make me look cute without looking like I should be working the corner in a seedy neighborhood. I love DownEast Basics because the clothes are bright, trendy (even though it’s completely untrendy to say that) and most of all modest.

So what did I snag this time?

carnation cluster teeThe Carnation Cluster Tee $22.99

field of flowersField of Flowers Top $24.99

summer savvy dressSummer Savvy Dress $34.99

tulip tunicTulip Tunic $16.99

small rhinestone braceletSmall Rhinestone Bracelet $8.99

And a Pindot Skirt that is no longer available.

The best part? I had a DownEast Basics 20% off coupon that was sent in the mail with my last order so I got all of my goodies for just over $100!

I know I keep telling you guys but if you all love clothes half as much as I do but don’t feel comfortable wearing the revealing teeny bopper (wow, I’m actually turning in to my grandfather) clothes then you have to check out DownEast Basics!

What is my all time favorite grab from DownEast Basics?

tuxedo shirtTuxedo Top in Spring Green $16.99

What is next on my “to buy” list?

oil pastel skirtOil Pastel Skirt $29.99

frosted flowers cardigan in whiteFrosted Flower Cardigan in White $34.99

…I told you I have a problem…

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