Insomnia Sucks

awakeI love my sleep, I rarely if ever have bouts of insomnia but when I do it just plain sucks. Lately with my schedule being a little crazy I have been completely crashing out as soon as my head hits the pillow but last night that didn’t happen. I could have laid in bed watching the hours ticking by but I opted instead to watch “Operation Repo” and text Buzz in his office about how I wasn’t asleep yet. Quite when it was that I did fall asleep I’m not sure but it was sometime after five and I managed to sleep through my alarm this morning not waking until 11:30. I’m telling you, me and sleep we’re like this…okay well that gesture doesn’t work when blogging but you know what I mean. There is nothing that will stop me from sleeping once I finally sink in to that warm slumber when I inevitably end up rolled up in my blankets like an inedible egg-roll, not even the alarm that I always double, triple check before bed. Now I sit here still in my PJ’s, still with that warm set of blankets keeping me toasty with a big black lab on my feet and although I feel flustered that time has once again got away from me I also feel lucky to wake up at my own pace with no boss yelling down the end of the phone. Sometimes we take the little things for granted.

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2 Responses to “Insomnia Sucks”

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    Becca says:

    Sleeping in is so nice! I also generally fall asleep within about 5 minutes of going to bed. I hope you have better luck tonight.
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