Is It Friday Yet and More Questions…

confusedI am still in the throws of a particularly large project that found it’s way on to my desk and aside from making me miss my weekly Monday Mingle rounds it has also left me slightly confused. Three times this week I have woken up thinking that it was Friday. Friday’s don’t mean too much around these parts since we work through weekends for the most part but there is a sense of relief that comes with knowing that you have made it through another week and are still breathing. So this morning I know that it is Friday and the reason I know this for certain is because I actually watched Grey’s Anatomy the night that it aired – gasp!

It also happens to be Good Friday today which leads me in to a rather amusing incident that occurred last week. Buzz and I lunch together a few times a week. There is seldom a moment aside from lunch when we see each other lately and so lunch conversations tend to be rather varied and on occasion confusing. This past Tuesday Buzz and I were lunching at Subway and I mentioned that it was Good Friday this week. This prompted the dreaded religion questions. I am not what you would call a devout Christian. I don’t attend church. I feel uncomfortable when people ask about my faith. I don’t feel it my duty to “recruit” because my God loves me anyway but I do have a God and I know the roots of my religion because my mother taught our Sunday school classes when I was growing up. Buzz is not Christian…Buzz isn’t sure what he is but he certainly has a lot of questions that I am not always equipt to answer. So this Tuesday as we sat at lunch he started asking. There wasn’t much thought that went in to the question but there was a childish wonderment as the words fell from his mouth ” why do religious people say that Jesus died so they could live?”. I explained the best I could without complicating the issue with too much information and then he said something that almost made me choke because chewing a sub and laughing at the same time is no easy feat. “Oh, because I thought maybe it was like a super hero thing, like he died because if he didn’t then the whole world was going to be destroyed.” He said it with the innocence of a child and I almost felt bad for laughing but I couldn’t help myself. The image of Jesus in a Superman cape just made my day.

Today is Good Friday, a wicked celebration time for some, a day off work for others, Passover for our Jewish friends and just another Friday for the rest. For me it’s 8 days before my 29th birthday, the countdown has begun and I think I’m finally starting to get just a little bit excited.

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