It Might Be Sunny But…

AntibioticsIt might be sunny and warm and nice outside but I somehow managed to get tonsillitis. I’m not too worried about it because I have antibiotics on hand and fought a good few episodes of tonsillitis throughout every year of my childhood so it’s nothing new. It’s not going to stop me from walking around stores and window shopping with mum and nana nose dripping, throat sore and ears aching LOL You can’t keep a good shopper down!

As for life in general I’m still figuring things out. I still have no return date and while I am sure Buzz is getting a little lonely at home the break was needed. I’m airing out my cobwebs and getting my priorities straight…and perhaps contemplating moving a little closer to my own country maybe Cornwall or Ireland…or maybe that’s just a want to be somewhere new. Who knows!

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