It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

ThunderIt’s cooling down here in Orlando and it’s been raining and thundering every since Nana left on Thursday! It’s pleasant to have a break from the heat but the rain and humidity are causing me to sport an afro most days.

I’ve been working on convincing Buzz to finally apply for film school down here. It’s been one of his lifelong dreams that he has never pursued and it’s about time he did if you ask me. So far he seems a little reluctant to go for it but I think he’s coming around. It’ll be nice to have a house full of people doing something that they enjoy.

I have come to realize a few non-important things while I have been down in Florida – I’ve been here for nearly two months now.
– I use much more soap than I ever realized, this is a good thing I suppose.
– I also use much more toothpaste than I ever realized, again, a good thing.
– Jet is a very well behaved dog, particularly in comparison to my parents 4 yr old lab who is, incidentally, untrained and a complete pain in the ass.
– I like being an independent woman, I like making my own money and not feeling that I have to answer to anyone for what I spend it on. Don’t get me wrong there is no running tally of what goes where in our home but when you share your life as a couple you tend to keep track of where money gets spent a lot more carefully.
– I’m good at relationships from further away – funny and sad at the same time.
– My Mum has a worse sweet tooth than I do – this is impossible to imagine if you have ever seen me get on a sweets kick.
– It’s much easier to be the agreeable child your parents want you to be when you learn to nod and smile and let things go.
– Given the chance to get out and walk around during the day, I don’t have to workout to be happy.
– I currently take on far too much responsibility and work and need to work at letting some things go and concentrating on others.

Now, I’m off to the deli to pick up some mushroom soup to keep me full before my Mum convinces me that a chocolate biscuit would do the trick instead!

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