I’ve Been Threaded!

eyebrow threadingMy eyebrows have a tendency to get away from me. Were I to leave them be I would look like Bert (as in Bert and Ernie) within a month. I have a unibrow. Years of plucking has thinned them out somewhat but they still look unsightly if they are left to their own devices. Well I have been long overdue for a little shaping for some time and decided to try out a place I had passed in the mall in New Port Richie the last time I was down here in December. What I didn’t know about this place is that it was a threading salon.

Now I have had my eyebrows waxed enough times to know that it’s not a painless experience, in fact it down right hurts but it’s quick and the results are pretty so I go with it. Now I have never been threaded before but I was under the impression that it wouldn’t hurt too much. I was wrong. The thing about threading, however, is that it’s a different kind of hurt than waxing. Waxing is quick and painful and burns a little afterward. Threading I would compare to the zap you feel from a TENS machine. There’s a quick zap but rather than quick with burning afterward the threading is quick but it comes in quick succession as each section is threaded. The results were absolutely amazing though and not once did she accidentally thread my skin. I can’t say that one method is less painful than the other but both yield great results. The best part? It only cost me $10 to look fabulous!

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