Kicking Back

We Shall Overcome Bruce SpringsteenI have always been awoken by music, since I was a child there has been something about a good tune that just awakens my soul and shakes off the cobwebs. It brings my family much amusement to “wind me up” and “let me go” during the holidays when I am in the kitchen baking. All it takes is one Irish holiday album and I’ll be foot tapping my way across the kitchen floor and the festivities become one of the inside of an old Irish tavern for just a few minutes as real life melts in to foot tapping, yee-heeww’ing fun. I bet you didn’t know that in small village schools in England they value teaching you how to Irish dance…they also value May pole dancing of which I am not a fan.

As I sat down today to begin work on what promises to be a particularly large and time consuming project I noticed a few cobwebs that have crept in. A cloudy veil in front of my face and a few extra wrinkles on my forehead as I constantly worry over life in general. I decided it was a good day to shake a few cobwebs free and opening up my iTunes I went for the album you see above. Yes, I am a Bruce Springsteen fan but more than that there is something that stirs my very soul in the words of “Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep.” Something that lures me in to the idea of taking a vacation down to New Orleans even though I don’t have the money saved for it.  Something that begs me…the REAL me, the me that only I know, to drop it all for a weekend, explore life, meet religion and faith in a town that holds it so dear and does it while having a damn good time.

I foresee a vacation coming soon. In the meantime click the picture if you want to check out the album, it’ll get your kids dancing and your feet tapping, I ga-rawn-tee it.

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2 Responses to “Kicking Back”

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    Karie says:

    You are so funny with bringing in memories of home in England. I would love to go there with you and hear all your stories. But I too LOVE “The Boss” full of good energy!

    • Amy says:

      I would love for you to go with me too! My family is bombarding my FB wall with requests to go back home lol

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