Loose Ends Thursday

Loose EndsOnce in a while I have many loose ends that I feel the need to post about and while the lack of organization nearly always drives me crazy there is very little to join these few tidbits and so we have a tying up loose ends kind of day.

– Last night I finished up two of the assignments I received from both part time jobs I picked up. More waits for me (and I am oh so thankful for that) but after typing 28,000 words my fingers are tired and my sleep schedule is pretty screwy. I am glad to have the work though, very very glad and the sense of accomplishment after finishing sections of assignments is wonderful. Spending so much time on these assignments has resulted in neglect as far as certain aspects of the household go. I am the family financials director….great title right? Not such a great job though. I pay all of our bills and make sure that things are in order, my usual schedule of financial affairs is now four days overdue. This needs to be completed by tomorrow afternoon. Our fridge is also in desperate need of stocking which means I need to schedule a block of time to coupon and make a list so that we can eat well and still stay within our budget. Anyone want to go food shopping for me?

– I also realized that of the twenty or so times I have reminded myself to share a link with you, I have forgotten. If you are like me and a little more health conscious as far as what you put in to your body then you need to take a look at Eat This, Not That!’s daily e-mail service. Sign up (at the top right where it says “free e-news letter”) and each day they will send you healthy tips to help you to change what you eat. The greatest thing about their service is that they don’t tell you not to eat out, they tell you what to substitute for the more unhealthy choices IE: “eat this, not that”.

– Jetster is nursing another ear infection. Being a Labrador with those big droopy ears he is at higher risk for ear infections but when it gets too warm (like upstairs in our house) or too wet (like the snow outside) inside those cute ears he starts with an ear infection. It used to be that we’d have to make a run to our vet with each infection but now that I know his ears we have an all natural ear solution to keep those ears too dry for the yeast and bacteria to thrive and his ears are cleaning up. If you are struggling with dog ear trouble take a look at Carnivora’s Gentian Violet ear solution – IT STAINS! but works miracles!

– Still no word from any schools but I’m waiting patiently…or not so patiently šŸ˜€

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2 Responses to “Loose Ends Thursday”

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    If I lived close I’d go shopping for you. I try to buy healthy foods too and do my own cooking. I’m used to it that way too.

    Hope Jetster get better sooner and great info about how to treat the infection.

    I hope you’ll get things done and enough time to catch up on some replenishment for you.
    .-= JamericanSpiceĀ“s last blog ..WW: Music that soothes the soul =-.

    • Amy says:

      You are too sweet! I managed to get my shopping in today thank goodness! The rain is here today also to wash away the rest of the snow so we’re in good shape!

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