Lost in Lyrics

rose I have fallen in to working a more night based schedule these days as I juggle life and my jobs and as the hours tick in to early morning I find myself getting lost in music. This morning as I sit editing blog templates “21 Guns” by Greenday began to play and as I listened to the words my thoughts turned to Karissa.

It amazes me how music has the ability to transport us through the hallways of our memory bank. Flipping through rusted file cabinets full of papers and mementos both from recent events and those that we think are long forgotten. It is amazing to me that these memories are mine, no single person shares all of these memories of mine and some days I ache to show someone the thousands of files I have stashed away in my rusty old filing cabinets.  To share the joy in my heart and to shoulder the weight of those files that get tucked away at the back because no matter how many files of joy that we have there are always those that get pushed to the back.

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