I had been calling around to get prices on optical exams this morning but the reception at my desk is spotty at best so I decided to step out on to the front porch to get a better signal. As I closed the door behind me I turned around and noticed this little guy huddled up by the front door.



The poor little chipmunk was absolutely drenched, we can only guess that the rainfall from last night left his tunnel flooded and him so cold and wet that he had no choice but to seek refuge on the front porch. I would like to believe that he sought out our home because we are animal lovers.

Since I had my phone I called upstairs to Buzz and he came down to tell me that there was no way a chipmunk was on the front porch. Creeping through the front door he stood in amazement for a minute and we both decided it would be best to offer him some food. Buzz fetched a piece of bread and a carrot – seriously, what do chipmunks eat? After we placed the food down for him we noticed that he was shivering uncontrollably so I sneaked in the house so as not to tip off Jet that there was a potential “friend” on the porch. I grabbed a facecloth and brought it out to newly named “Monk.” The tiny little creature didn’t resist, allowing us to pick him up and wrap him in the warmth of the facecloth and place him back down on the ground. Hesitantly both Buzz and I came inside but I couldn’t resist peeking through the glass door every few minutes in fear that a neighboring cat would snatch Monk for a mid afternoon snack.

As I sat here at my desk attempting to get back to work I decided that the only way to quell my fear was to make him a makeshift house. One Lance cracker box with a door hole cut in the front combined with his facecloth, bread, carrot and a Tupperware lid filled with water strategically placed outside the house would suit him just fine, so I got to work.


He seems to have warmed up nicely as can be noted by the poop on the bread. I’m just glad he’s looking healthier than he did when we found him, now we just have to hope that the whole family doesn’t move in…although they are pretty cute!

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    Queen Bee says:

    OMGosh, cutest thing ever!!

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