My Love Affair With Football…

Peyton ManningWhen I first met Buzz I was young. Nineteen if I recall correctly and at the time I felt the need to impress him with my love of football. Guys always love the girls who know a thing or two about football. So I would sit with him on Sundays and stare blankly at the screen as hunky men in tight pants ran up and down a field catching and throwing a ball. I echoed his ooh’s and ahh’s and “good catch’s” but in reality the only interest I had in the game was watching those buns that could crack a walnut, clad in tight football pants. The charade carried on for years. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had absolutely zero interest in the game nor that I had tricked him in to thinking that I was his perfect, face paint wearing, jersey donning, scream her head off at a touchdown, woman.

It’s been almost nine years now, ten since I met him, and today as Buzz prepares to go to his buddy’s Superbowl party I think we both know that the jig is up. While my man will be screaming at the TV with a mouthful of goodness knows what (which will undoubtedly land all over something or other that thank God is not mine to clean,) I will be sitting here in my office catching up on a little work and listening to my ghetto-fabulous dryer as it buzzes every twenty minutes (don’t ask because seriously, you don’t want to know.) I refuse to spend another five hours of my life watching men, albeit in tight pants, run up and down a field with a ball when I would much rather be doing…well, a number of other things. For those women out there who truly are foam finger wearing, screaming for the camera, memorizing stats, not just there for the walnut cracking buns, football fans – you go girl…but admit it, you still like the pants.

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5 Responses to “My Love Affair With Football…”

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    Queen Bee says:

    Ha ha ha! I like football, but only college ball — App State football, to be exact. Pro ball? Meh, you can take it. I enjoy watching it but have no qualms about asking, “What in the world is an offside kick?”, knowing that it is probably akin to asking a geologist what a rock is.

  2. 2

    LOL you make me laugh so.

    Football for me is still what Americans call soccer, but since I’ve been here (US) I’ve learned alot about the game, (thanks the the hubs who insisted on sharing his knowledge). I do not like to sit and watch a game. I will see it when I pass by or sit for a few minutes etc.

    The husband will remain glued to the tube because goodness forbids that he miss a click.

    Then he will be miffed at me if I miss an play the he deems important (which by the way is all of the plays).

    However if a Team from LA is playing I’ll show more interest than normal, I just do not want to have to sit and stare at the tube.

    I watched the superbowl like that, semi watching, talking on the phone, making dinner, blogging etc. If dh was home, he’d not be too happy that I was not giving my whole attention to such an important game. lol. But oy. What’s a girl to do eh.

    Yes and those buns šŸ™‚
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    • Amy says:

      I’m used to calling soccer football too but I suppose I’ve transitioned in to calling it football since I’ve lived here for so long now! I didn’t watch one second of the Superbowl, isn’t that awful?!

  3. 3

    I thought I was already following you. hmmm weird. anyway I am now.
    .-= JamericanSpiceĀ“s last blog ..SADE "Soldier Of Love" CD Giveaway – 3 Winners! =-.

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