My Weekend Projects

Well since Buzz is home I can now tell you about my weekend projects with pictures…well two pictures at least! I always love to redo part of the house when Buzz goes out of town and this weekend I undertook the bathrooms after I walked in to Buzz’s bathroom and found no bath mat and just a shower curtain liner. I started off at Target where the blue and brown Thomas O’Brien towels he liked were on sale for $9 for the big towels. I picked up two full sets (bath towel ($9, hand towel $7 and face cloth $6). I also picked up a matching bath mat ($12.99). I found the shower curtain hooks for $5 at TJ Maxx and ended up going back to Target to get the shower curtain for $25 because I couldn’t find one that matched the towels anywhere! I also snagged a blue trash can for $6 at Walmart. Here’s a picture of Buzz’s bathroom right now – ignore the ugly yellow paint, I meant to paint this weekend but didn’t get to it.

Buzz's bathroom

I like the end result even though it cost more than I had planned on spending. It’s nice to know that everything is high quality though and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. Now we hae to pain it next week and get rid of that ugly yellow!

Now my bathroom has been a work in progress for a long while. I picked up some Thomas O’Brien towels and a bathmat (as well as a toilet seat cover that doesn’t fit our new eco-friendly toilet) on clearance a few months ago. I managed to snag the bath towels for $6 a piece, hand towels for $4 a piece and face clothes for $3 a piece. My bath mat was $6.50 also on clearance. I think the toilet seat cover was also on clearance for around $6.50. I really like the “pebble” color and it gave me the idea to do a spa theme in my tiny bathroom so I finished off that look this weekend. I picked up a bamboo trash can for $7 at Walmart, shower curtain hooks for $5 at TJ Maxx, a bamboo shower caddy (the sort that hangs on the shower head) for $6 at Ross and a Fieldcrest shower curtain for $19.99 at Target. Again, it cost more than I expected but I really like the finished look. Unfortunately you can only see a little peek of my bathroom because it’s too small to actually get in there and get a full picture!

Amy bathroom

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