Nerves and Random Tidbits

backtoschoolI am wrapping up my time here in Florida with my scheduled return late on Tuesday and I can’t say that I am looking forward to it. My dread of returning to the Winter of North Carolina is, however, overshadowed by the concern for my mom as she embarks on her own back to school journey in the morning. At nearing retirement age after twenty years of not working and nine years after her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, mom is going to school to become a certified CNA. When we lived in England mom was already working as a nursery nurse; however since qualifications did not transfer she enrolled in a local class at a private smaller location here to enable her to work. I know that my dad feels disgraced by the fact that mom has to go back to work and that mom is scared stupid just thinking about what the morning will bring but I know that she will adjust well and thoroughly enjoy herself – my mom is a people person and makes friends easily. Part of my decision to stay in Florida longer was to ensure that we were here to hear all about her first day in class, but it doesn’t stop me worrying about her.

On a separate note we did our weekly expedition to Target for the last time today. I found a $20 woolen skirt that I had previously ordered online and cancelled after finding out that there are sizing discrepancies in Merona’s clothing for $10 on clearance – SCORE! I have to admit to being thrilled with fitting in to a size TWO, yep you heard me, a size 2 in Merona even with my 34-29-38 figure (I’m a hippy girl what can I say?) I fit comfortably in a size two.

Speaking of my figure, do you recall my Hollister jeans that I picked up last week for $19.50? Well besides being a little too low cut for my liking – as in every time I bend down I flash a little English cheek, the thighs are insanely tight. I’m not sure if it’s the thick inseams or whether it’s simply that like most of Hollister’s clothing these jeans are made for stick models, but something is definitely not fitting right. It could, however, be the weight that I am certain that I have gained since being down here for the holidays…the gym scales will tell me that when I return home!

On the topic of the gym, I am absolutely devastated but when I get back home I am going to have to cancel my membership at the gym. I LOVE the facilities at Golds Gym but the service is appalling. After the pool caretaker dumping chlorine ON MY HEAD while I was swimming one day and my complaint not even being addressed, after every single billing issue we had with them being overlooked, after the increase in my monthly fee that was unannounced and when I called to question it was told I would get a call back…well, I just can’t take it anymore. I cannot afford the $37.99 that they are now charging when I could barely make the $34.99 that I was set up for before.  Perhaps I’d consider it if half of the gym equipment wasn’t out of order for weeks on end, or even if they showed some concern when I was unhappy with something of significance but as it stands Golds Gym really doesn’t care if you have hazardous chemicals thrown on to you while you are swimming, nor whether they take money they are not entitled to without warning, nor do they care if you are paying near $40 a month when it comes to getting equipment fixed…it’s a poor excuse for a business model. I am truly saddened that I will no longer have a gym though. This is the first time since my 42lb weight loss that I will be without a gym and while Buzz tells me that we can always sign up for the Planet Fitness a little further out for $9.99 a month without a contract, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable with a new location which is not catered to being woman friendly. I think perhaps I will save up and start the P90X workouts at home, at least until I go to school and have access to an affordable gym. I’m ticked though, sad that some where I have been paying for over six years doesn’t care enough to fight for my business. Such is big business I suppose, but I sure bet that they change their tune when more people like me start to pull out of their customer unfriendly atmosphere because of their money stealing scams.

On that irritated note I am off to cool off with a little family time before throwing in some laundry so I can start packing tomorrow!

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4 Responses to “Nerves and Random Tidbits”

  1. 1
    Queen Bee says:

    For $10, you might learn to love the new gym 🙂 It’s at least inexpensive enough to try, if there isn’t a contract involved.

  2. 2
    Karie says:

    I used to love the gym until I found how awful they are about maintaining equipment and customer service. I lost 45lbs last year by working out at home…its tough to do it at home with no equipment, very creative. But so worth the savings. We’re into a new year my friend…lets keep the positive momentum going. 😉 ((HUGS))
    .-= Karie´s last blog ..Extraordinary Tuesdays: Two For Tuesday =-.

    • Amy says:

      I’m excited to find new ways to work out! I think you are freaking amazing for losing 45lbs in a year, it took me two years to lose my 42lbs, you are a machine! I’m all about the positive momentum, I’m about to get SIX grad school offers in the mail…I can feel it LOL

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