On The Road Again…Again

TravelingAgain I find myself on the road, heading back to the other house in Brooksville because it is the wish of my Mum who turns…well, a motherly age tomorrow. My Dad was supposed to make reservations at a French restaurant for the four of us today and Buzz is driving down tonight to meet us in Brooksville tomorrow lunchtime. I am tired of traveling but have another long journey ahead of me when I head back home at the end of next week. I am sad to see my time in Florida end but it will also be nice to have a schedule again. I thrive on schedule. This schedule also means I can throw myself in to work completely and try out my new desk that Buzz put together while I was away. Sure we’ll have some kinks to iron out as we always do after being apart for so long – mostly my bursting in to tears like a toddler and with a wobbling lip, confessing that I “miss my Mum”, but we’ll iron those kinks out when we get to them. We have a week to go yet.

I’m not going to eat snails tomorrow by the way, I have a strong aversion to anything that was at any point in its life slimy…or crawling around my back garden. Why don’t people eat slugs anyway? Wouldn’t it be less work since they don’t have shells that you have to gouge them out of? Either way I won’t be eating them. I’ll probably settle for my usual, and somewhat boring, chicken breast a la something something and order a dessert of which I will take two bites and hand it off to someone else who will happily finish it for me.

Buzz and I got Mum a refurbished Ipod Nano…well we couldn’t afford a new one and this one was Best Buy sold and pink so it was a must. We intended on loading it up with audio books but I didn’t actually do that part yet. My Mum is an insomniac so the idea was that she could set up some audio books on her Ipod and lay in the dark listening to her favorite books without disturbing Dad by getting up and down, up and down all night…which she does now incidentally. So I have some audio book buying to do tonight.

Anyway, I better get going, three very large, very impatient dogs need walking and I’m about to freeze in this air conditioning. Bring on the sun!

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