On The Road Again…Again

floridaTonight we’re headed back to the house in Orlando to await the arrival of the twins. Brother B and brother J are in the process of driving down from Missouri to spend a month down here with the family before nana goes back to England on the 1st of the month. It’s going to be a very very crowded house. Five people in three bedrooms…in fact it’s three people in three bedrooms and two (the twins) in the living room. I feel guilty for not sharing my room with my brothers but in all honesty they work the same type of hours that Buzz does which means I would not be sleeping well if at all. The don’t go to bed until the sun is well on it’s way up and this means I would be waking up through the night constantly. So the boys are sleeping on foldaways in the living room.

I am sad to leave this house because I like it so much, I like being able to lie out in the sun if I chose. I like being able to watch Jet swimming. The other house, the townhouse has no balcony nor anywhere to lay out or even step out to get some fresh air but it is in the heart of Orlando which means that there are very very many things to do. Like shopping. We all know how much I love shopping. Poor Buzz is still stuck at home waiting for some changes to come to our house. Nothing has happened yet. I have been down here in Florida for 23 days and there has been absolutely no progress on the new carpet, bathroom floor…I could go on but you’ve heard it before. I told Buzz I’m not going back until it’s all done because I feel like the house is just pouring misery in to me at this point. Dingy carpets, hole in the ceiling, concrete bathroom floor…I just can’t face it. I need the sun, the warmth of Florida for now to warm my soul and show me a new way to proceed.

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