Our Smoking Car Pt II

smoking mazdaAfter my post yesterday about the car Buzz decided to go by the Mazda dealership and drop it off overnight so that they could see if they could make it smoke. Before going by he decided to stop at a local Starbucks and let the car idle for an hour while he worked on his laptop. Turning the engine off, turning it on to idle for a little while and then shutting it off and repeating the process on and off throughout the hour. After no smoke could be seen he gave up and went on to drop off the car for a cold morning start by Mazda to see if they could replicate the smoke. As he neared the dealership low and behold smoke made it’s appearance. Buzz pulled in to the dealership with the car smoking and no sooner had he arrived than the tech who had worked on our car MANY times before shot out of the door with camera in hand. He wasn’t able to catch the smoke on camera but Buzz encouraged him to take it for a drive so he could experience the pure embarrassment of driving a smoking car. A few minutes later the Tech came flying past Buzz in the parking lot driving our smoking car, he came to rest in the garage. Buzz went to talk to him and it turns out that the original guy we had forwarded our video links to had not known how to attach them in his message to corporate and so corporate had only seen our still pictures which were, in comparison to the video, completely lame. The tech managed to get the links forwarded to corporate along with a message that he had replicated the smoke and seen it first hand. Buzz came home with a small sense of victory while we waited to hear back from Mazda corporate.

It wasn’t more than a couple of hours later when the phone rang. It was Mazda telling us that they will be replacing the turbo on our smoking CX-7 under warranty. We are dropping our car off on Monday morning to have the turbo replaced on Mazda’s tab. It will take one whole day which sounds pretty impressive to me, even though I have extremely limited car knowledge.

I am glad to be getting the issue fixed under warranty, I am still ticked off that it took so long when Mazda corporate acknowledged that they knew there was an issue with early models of their cars with turbo’s in them. It seems that they are still not equipt enough to issue a recall and fix the issue for everyone – only those who get pulled over by the cops for a smoking car, and only those whose cars are smoking so badly that they can barely see out of the window.

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