Our Smoking Car

This is my car…our car…our only car…My Smoking Mazda

Do you see what I see? We have a Mazda CX-7. It’s a 2007 model which we bought in early 2008, it had approximately 9,000 miles on it. Our car now has approximately 58,000 miles on it. We drive, a lot. We can’t afford a second car so we drive the one we have. Our “trusty” CX-7 has unfortunately not been as trusty as we would have liked it to be. In late 2008 after we bought the car we took a trip up to Gatlinburg. On the way home the car began smoking like you wouldn’t believe and then began to die. We had purchased an extended warranty so dropped in to Mazda. Mazda gave us another luxurious Mazda with all the bells and whistles that we couldn’t afford while they took ours in to the shop. As it turns out something had gone wrong under the hood, the transmission I believe, and was literally pulling the engine down and out of the car. They fixed it under warranty.

A few months later we began hearing a rattle.For the life of us no one could figure out what it was. We thought it may have been a screw rattling around in the bumper but found nothing. We changed the tires and found no improvement. We even had brother J ride around in the trunk while we drove it to see if he could pinpoint the noise…nothing. Finally we resolved to live with it. After all none of us could find it’s source and Mazda told us that they couldn’t either.

Then about a year ago we started getting smoke. Just a little smoke at first from the exhaust. After idling the exhaust would let out short bursts of grey smoke. We put it down to the temperature and left it for a while. It began to get worse so, still under warranty we took it in to Mazda. They told us they thought an oil change would help, putting in their fancy and much more expensive oil. We asked if we could have this done at Jiffy Lube where it would cost half as much, they told us no, it had to be done by them to make sure the warranty wasn’t voided on the issue at hand. We forked out $90. The car ran smoothly for a week. The smoke began to return after two weeks and at three weeks it was back and worse than ever. We called Mazda again and they asked us to bring it in again, so we did. As it turns out if Mazda can’t replicate the issue they just don’t believe you…or are too damn cheap to fix it. So after a few more times of doing this dance of taking the car in and having them tell us “sorry we can’t replicate it, bring it in if it does it again” we talk to the mechanic we’ve been working with through all of this. He tells us to take pictures, film it and get our oil change records. We do all of this and hand it in to him last week.

Prior to handing all of our information in, Buzz was out driving one night and got pulled by the police. He got pulled because so much smoke was coming out of the back of our car that it totally enveloped the police car behind him. The policeman told him his car was overheating and asked if he needed help. Buzz laughed and told him that no it was a Mazda issue that they refused to fix. The policeman looked concerned but waved him on.

So anyway we handed our information to our Mazda guy who handed it on to corporate. LIVE videos of our car smoking and Mazda corporation tells our mechanic that unless he can replicate the issue himself they will not cover it. We have a little over 1,000 miles left on our “extended warranty” for them to “find the issue” and at this point it seems like they are trying to push things as far as they can so they don’t have to cover a damn thing. What do you bet they find the issue after 1,001 miles?

Our mechanic called this morning. He told us to bring the car and leave it overnight so they could cold start it in the morning since it seems to smoke more in the cold. Buzz told our mechanic that this is the only car we have and can they lend us a loaner. He told us they no longer have that program but for $25 a day they can give us a car to drive around. Again, we get gouged for every penny they can get from us.

I am tired of it, sick and tired of it and you can bet your ass that I am NEVER buying a Mazda again EVER. and if I were you I wouldn’t buy one either!

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2 Responses to “Our Smoking Car”

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    I surely wont be buying a mazda! That sucks that they are nickle and diming you like this over your vehicle.

    And surely they will find the problem after the warranty! Ugh.

    I’m sorry girl.
    .-= JamericanSpiceĀ“s last blog ..Sleep was almost the death of me! =-.

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