Post Christmas Digest and Indigest…

tignanelloNo matter how I tried yesterday to maintain the small portion sizes that allowed and maintained my weight loss I still managed to overeat. The food was wonderful though and I am thankful to so many people for making our entire Christmas possible particularly Courtney from The Art Of Being Mom. Just before Christmas I won a $100 Sam’s Club gift card from Courtney’s blog and after a Sam’s membership renewal of $40 we had plenty left over to stock up for Christmas dinner. By some strange craving on my mom’s part we wound up with a standing rib roast as the center piece to our Christmas meal but it was absolutely amazing. We added to this my famous cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet peas, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes and gravy and we all sat down to a feast fit for kings. It wasn’t until hours later that we were able to face the apple and raspberry pie that my mom made for dessert but it was equally delicious, particularly when topped with Bird’s Custard. I suppose now you will understand the indigestion and I have plenty of reason to understand the fullness that I woke up to this morning. Discomfort aside I am so overly grateful for having such a spread to sit down to on Christmas evening.

Food aside, the rest of the day was equally as pleasant. While Buzz, brother B, brother B’s girlfriend and I were eagerly awake at 10am – the agreed upon wake up time to ensure we didn’t sleep the holiday away, my parents idea of 10am fell at 11am but this gave us all plenty of time to grab breakfast and chat. Once everyone was awake we got all of the dogs fed, and everyone with coffee cup in hand came to the living room to ‘do presents.’ While it was a slim year for everyone we managed to come away with some amazing gifts for amazing deals. I was fortunate enough to win the majority of my gifts for people this year which took a huge burden off my shoulders and for the sake of saving time and space I will list my thanks below.

Buzz – A Keurig Coffee maker won from Karen at Vergin on 40 and CoffeeWiz.
Mom – A robe and slippers picked up on Black Friday from Target (what a GREAT deal those were!)
Dad – A Harry Connick Jr CD won from Beeb over at Contest Corner, A Michael Buble CD won from Lee over at My Sentiment Exact Lee, and Valkyrie on DVD picked up from Target on sale.
Brother B – A $25 Paypal gift certificate (to buy a video game license he wanted online) won from Kristin at Making Cents Out Of Life, A travel coffee mug and some Nescafe instant samples won from Toni at Just Stop Screaming.
Brother J – A Dirtball long sleeve Tee bought with a gift card won from Michelle at Mkokopelli, A travel coffee mug and some Nescafe instant samples won from Toni at Just Stop Screaming.
Brother B’s Girlfriend – Snow White on Blu-Ray won from Melinda over at Look What Mom Found
My ‘Niece’ (My very best friend’s daughter) – A Dora the Explorer Christmas DVD and CD won from Louise at Mom Start, An Ice Age 3 Dvd won from Shannon at The Mommy Files, A Tinkerbell DVD with Fairy Wings from Amanda at Mommy Mandy, A Princess Tiana doll from Cindy at The Mom Maven, and a Cabbage Patch Doll from Marina at The Energizer Bunny’s Mommy Reports ! (All but Ice Age 3 were gifts from Santa.)

So many absolutely amazing gifts came to me through some very generous bloggers and their sponsors this year and without them I would have been struggling quite a bit to make Christmas for everyone so thank you to all of you. I would also like to say a quick thank you to Julie from The Gerber Babies Blog where I won a $50 Christmas card to Kmart/Sears which was used to stock up my parent’s home with some necessities. I also cashed in around the web at various reward programs to be able to pick up something for each of my parents from each other, my mom ended up with the I Love Lucy DVD collection and my dad with three Blu-ray films and three books he had been wanting. All in all everyone was happy with what they received and thankful to be able to afford to have something to give regardless of it’s size.

So what did Santa bring me this year? Besides the satisfaction of being able to pull together a Christmas for my family I was blessed with some amazing gifts. The purse pictured above was my gift from my parents, they insisted on buying me something (which I tried to fight multiple times to no avail) and when I saw that purse in Marshalls I just had to have it. It’s a Tignanello purse (the name means nothing to me but those of you who are more savvy might know something about it) and retails for $98 but was on sale in Marshalls for $44. Being that I had a $25 Marshalls gift card that I won from Angry Julie Monday I asked my mom if $20 was something they could manage and being that it was we bought this absolutely adorable purse that I hated waiting until Christmas for. Buzz bought me a small bottle of Tresor, my newest perfume obsession, a new mouse for my laptop and three tops – most of which were good picks but we have been known to differ on clothing choices and one of the three pieces he picked up may be being exchanged in the new year (I hate to exchange gifts but keeping something I wouldn’t wear is pointless). Buzz also picked up a new peacoat for me on EBay for….wait for it….$15! Unfortunately it’s quite large and we will have to EBay it up again and find a smaller one but this isn’t a huge deal – it’s the thought that counts! Lastly I received a cow and a mini cow from Cow Parade from brother B and his girlfriend – I LOVE Cow Parade and have a small collection of them in my bedroom at home. Oh and I almost forgot, I also got a selection box! Buzz purchased a selection box for each of us from an English candy store so we all will have plenty of cavities come the new year!

It’s been a heck of a Christmas and a very long-winded post so I will leave you with my thanks for your sticking with my post through to the end and I’ll see you all tomorrow! I hope you each had a festive and happy Christmas!

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2 Responses to “Post Christmas Digest and Indigest…”

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    Queen Bee says:

    What a great Christmas!! I love your purse. I received a similar one in burgundy for Christmas myself! Mine is HUGE however, something I will have to get accustomed to.

    • Amy says:

      Woohoo for new purses! I scaled down this year but last year I scaled up and just couldn’t get used to having a big purse.

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