Quiet Mornings

morningThese past few mornings I have been reveling in the silence. There is something about those first few hours of sunlight when the world is waking up that is just so perfect that I wish I could bottle it up and keep it forever. Sitting at my desk I watch the sun coming up over the houses and as the sunlight begin to touch the roofs I watch as the steam rises in to the sky. Even the houses need waking up from their deep slumber and as I watch them I catch the wakings of my ant farm from the corner of my eye. As the sunlight creeps on to a section of the farm it wakes the ants and they begin to scurry around digging new tunnels and carrying rocks and sand from one pod to another until their home is just right.

I let my spa music play in the morning, waking me up slowly, because these days I wake up slowly – one of the unfortunate aspects of Prozac but it’s well worth the trade off. I let my body wake slowly and fall in to the rhythm of the day and occasionally I drift off as I watch my ants crossing through their tunnels and I wonder what the rest of the day has in store.

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