Rainy Day Afternoons

RainToday is one of those days towards the end of sweltering Summer when the clouds rolled in in the early morning and never made room for the sun. I sit here at my desk looking out of the window just watching rain drops fall and trees sway with gentle Spa music in the background and clutch my warm and fuzzy blanket on my knees. It is days like this that I am thankful that I still work at home. I don’t miss having to go out in this weather, wishing that I was still at home in the comfort of my bed. While I haven’t crawled back in to bed yet and have still made considerable progress on today’s ‘to do’ list, I am thankful for the option to walk three feet across the room and sink in to my bed should I decide to. It’s all about the small graces.

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    Queen Bee says:

    Simple pleasures 🙂
    .-= Queen Bee´s last blog .. =-.

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