Raise Your Hand If You Love Bargains!

handIt dawned on me this morning that for the past few days my posting has been somewhat…well sad. Uncharacteristically for me I had been focusing on the negative things, the stress, the misfortune of my parents and such and so today I wanted to share with you one of the great things about being here in Florida with my family – bargain shopping.

To say that I am frugal is an understatement but I am not a miser, I take pleasure in shopping for great deals and when I am here in FL my Mom loves it too. Today we went out to search for a couple of hours out of the house and a few bargain sale items to stash in my soon to be grad school wardrobe. This time last year I made sure to stash away a couple of hundred dollars to pick up bargains as I found them to complete a businessy wardrobe on a thrifty budget.

On black Friday I picked up a Merona sweater from Target for $12, a cute casual but not too informal sweater and today Mom and I snuck in to Target for a few minutes peace as well as a gallon of milk. Scouring the bargain racks we didn’t find too much until I ran across a Converse dress for $7.49. Yup, $7.49 for a dress. It’s nothing extravagant, just a dark red plaid dress with rough edges but paired with a pair of knee high boots (another must have on my list but first I need to find the right price) and some thick tights to cover my ever so pale knees, it will look gorgeous. Yes, I just might have found a sense of style somewhere along the way and now I’m savvy enough to do it on a bargain budget! Next week we’re headed to Ross and TJ Maxx – just you wait for that post.

Looking for a cute dress or sweater on a budget? Check out those discount and sale racks at Target!

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3 Responses to “Raise Your Hand If You Love Bargains!”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I bought a beautiful black dress from Target for my high school reunion last month on clearance at Target for $7!!! It was awesome!

  2. 2
    Heidi B. says:

    I think that nowadays everyone is looking for bargains in as many places as possible. With the curren economy and its many pitfalls, we have to be careful with our money more than ever. It is great when such places like Target have sales that accomodate the many economic problems we are having today. A great bargain can make for a lot of happy people. Thanks for sharing.

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