Ready to Roll Out

istock_000004574943xsmallLiterally, I will be rolling out of here in the morning and make no mistake, I will be on my usual elliptical machine come Wednesday morning. Since my weight loss (which I realize I mention quite frequently but then again why not? Losing 42lbs is something to be proud of) I have ALWAYS kept an eye on what goes in my mouth but between the stress of the holidays, life in general and needing to cut expenses since meals were always made for six, I epic failed this year.  I am disappointed in myself for losing control and ignoring that voice in the back of my head, but it is done and so when I get home I will get back on that elliptical and work it off. My weight loss was a huge thing for me, it boosted my self esteem and made me HAPPY which is something I hadn’t been in a very long time and so it is my job to stay on top of things to maintain that happiness. That said for now Buzz has talked me in to keeping my Golds membership for the time being while we investigate other options. Exercise does wonders for depression you know.

We are headed out early tomorrow morning in hopes of getting home before it is too late and too cold out, I am not happy about going home but I will adjust as I always do. This year is bringing big things so I have to be flexible and roll with the punches.

Speaking of rolling with the punches, I completely missed Monday Mingle this week since I have been trying to cram as much time with family as possible and we are headed on our 10 hour drive tomorrow. I promise to catch up with my bloggy buddies next Monday but this week is a little muddled as we reorganize routines and get back in to non-holiday life.

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2 Responses to “Ready to Roll Out”

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    Queen Bee says:

    I too have gained weight back over the holidays. Actually, I made it through the holidays fine, it’s been the first days of January I’ve totally tanked. I’m proud of you for resolving to get back into your workout groove quickly! Drive safely!

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