Rediscovering Roots

cameraAfter finishing up the bulk of my Christmas shopping online last night and as always going over the budget I had set aside, I was ready for bed. I dragged my black Friday shopping out until the very last minute but still managed to snag a few good deals. After shopping was done I was exhausted, but walking in to our bedroom I realized how absolutely freezing it was. I ducked in to the empty bedroom to steal a blanket and found instead a stack of memories that I just couldn’t walk away from.

I love photographs and when my maternal grandmother passed away (preceded by my grandad) all of the belongings that my mom collected came back here. Sitting on the floor in the empty bedroom last night I must have spent two hours leafing through old photographs. It’s funny to see things how they were before I was even thought of, seeing my grandad’s face as he clutched my mom’s hand on the beach somewhere in England in 1961. Seeing my grandma looking fondly at my grandad in the 1940’s instead of with the scorn she had developed in later life. Most of the older pictures were dog-eared and tattered around the edges but some had withstood the test of time and still shone brightly in their black and white glory.

What I love most about leafing through old photographs is seeing my grandad’s face again. It sounds silly but it’s been eight years since he passed away and somedays I worry that I’m starting to forget him. I will never forget the feel of his hand around mine but I worry about other things, the tilt of his smile, the wink of his eye, the sound of his whistle and did that man whistle! I realize when I look through these moments caught on film that I won’t forget as long as I have these paper snapshots to jog my memory. So today I intend on doing a little baking with mom while I ask her about a few of the photographs I found last night with unknown figures looming in the background. It’s funny how ominous old portraiture can be, even when it’s family members there is still a haunting feeling to those rosy faces in black and white print.

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2 Responses to “Rediscovering Roots”

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    Rosey says:

    I am a big photograph buff too, and for years people laughed about it, but now they have been coming around to request copies of pictures here and there. It’s especially great when the kids do it. I enjoyed your story. I feel about my grandmother, who is also passed, the way you have expressed your feelings are towards your grandad. Great grandparents create more than memories, they create a safe and happy feeling within us for life.

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    Queen Bee says:

    Every time I look at a photograph, the feelings and memories of that moment come flooding back to me. People laugh when I take 400 photos in a single weekend, but later realize how important those photos can be, how looking at then came take you back to that place and time.

    Do you have a scanner with you to digitialize those photos? If not, take an afternoon and go to Walmart (or CVS or Walgreens, etc). Use their Kodak machine. You can scan as many pictures as you can fit to CD, paying only $6 or so for the finished product CD. –OR– if you can set up your camera on a tripod with the correct lighting, you can take pictures of those pictures. I’ve tried that before and never gotten the lighting right 😉

    I love reading your blog. It’s heartwarming.

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