Relief and Insomnia

ReliefYesterday morning I successfully completed my Christmas shopping. A huge sense of relief took over as I realized that planning ahead had not left me with incredibly large credit card bills and I was not going to have to face the crowds in the stores over Christmas. To tell the truth I don’t think I have faced Christmas crowds in years. I don’t care for crowds as is but when it comes to Christmas shopping and crowds I get frustrated because people are just plain rude. I don’t do rude, there is absolutely no excuse to be rude. I try to be forgiving of stressed out parents and step aside but sometimes I get the urge to throw an elbow or two…which is why I don’t “do” Christmas shopping crowds.

On a separate note I am on day two of insomnia. I am not actually sure if it counts as insomnia because I am falling asleep for two hours, waking for an hour, sleeping for an hour, waking for two hours and then snoozing through my alarm to grab another couple of hours. I don’t feel rested which is frustrating but work awaits whether I sleep or not so i get up. I am not too sure why the insomnia, it could be from family stress – my mind racing at a thousand miles a minute doesn’t facilitate sleep too well. It could also be hunger – I don’t sleep well if I am hungry so I have resolved to eat a bowl of cereal before bed tonight to see if that helps. Lastly it could be a side effect of my Prozac, although I doubt this because the insomnia side effect only lasted briefly at the beginning of my medication in August. I tweaked the timing of my Prozac to fall around a time when I found less insomnia (which means I take it at 12:30 daily with lunch). Who knows what is going on with this whole sleeping thing but I tell you what, if I don’t sleep soon I am going to go crazy….don’t mind if I do.

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