Rock on Lobster!

lobsterLast night we headed out to a family dinner after dad and brother J got home from work. Dinner started off with a laugh and ended with hysterics. It was nice to hear everyone enjoying the moment even if it was helped along by a bottle of gin. I rarely see my dad laugh until he cries but last night tears were streaming down his face as we reminisced with stories of his dad, my grandfather, who passed away seven years ago now.

This morning everyone made it out of bed eventually and there weren’t any hangovers to remedy which is a good thing because as Buzz will tell you, I have no sympathy for those who can’t hold their liquor. This morning…okay more like afternoon because we are not a morning family. It tends to take a long while to get everyone out of the door when there are so many of you. The morning, after we finally made it out of the front door, was spent at the dog park. The three dogs ran around like you wouldn’t believe. I ran around after my son who became the plaything of three huge huskies. Most of the morning I spent chasing around my maniac fur kid who had to inspect every inch of the park. I did manage to turn myself in to a lobster. Bring on the tan, Lord knows I need it!

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