Settling In

comfortableIt always takes a good week to settle in when I come down to Florida to stay with family and usually by the end of that week everyone but my mom and I have gone back from whence they came. This year it seems that my dad will be staying with us to and while I love my dad it does somewhat cramp our girl time style. Despite the men still being present today (Buzz included) we did manage to get a little shopping in. Firstly Buzz took my mom and I down to Target to pick out mom’s Christmas gift and I managed to ditch him for a few minutes to do a quick sweep of a few items I had my eye on for him. Nothing I had on my list other than a robe and slippers for my mom were on sale so we reunited and ran in to Subway to regroup before heading back home.

Once we got back home I surfed around for a few other online deals and found one Walmart deal that I just couldn’t believe I had missed. I hopped on to their website but realized that I’d totally missed the boat so Mom suggested we run down and take a look at our store here – no luck there either. I’d tell you what it is but I’m afraid it would spoil the surprise for Buzz so I will keep my fingers crossed and look out for it this weekend and in Cyber Monday’s deals.

So there you have it, a boring post for today but please bear with me while I settle in and I promise to bring you more interesting news shortly and my first Monday Mingle come Monday.

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