Snap, Crackle And Pop!

SnapToday I did my best impression of a Rice Krispie at my new chiropractor. While I can’t say that I’m pain free just yet I can say that I can now move my head without a terrible headache. Today my new chiropractor went over a schedule of treatment with me for the next four weeks – and let me tell you, without insurance it’s definitely not cheap. It comes to a point, however, where you make the extra effort to work a little harder to pay the bills and keep up with the chiropractors regimen…or else you go a few times until it feels better and you break again a few months later. I’m going to try my very hardest to keep up with all twelve visits which include chiropractic adjustments, stretching exercises, electrical muscle stimulation, ice pack time and deep tissue massage. I like the sound of that last bit the best although today’s chiropractic adjustment released some of the tension from my neck and I wanted to scream thanks to the Gods that be at that very moment! I don’t get to do massage until my last five visits but for now I’m concentrated on getting this kink out of my neck and being able to function normally again! Roll on tomorrow’s visit!

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    I am fascinated with your posts about your chiropractor visits. I have been contemplating going myself for neck issues, and like you said, my back feels like it needs a good “crack”. Maybe I should try it?
    .-= Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom´s last blog ..More winners at Eighty MPH Mom =-.

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